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New long range call button with improved
design and transmission range ...more

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Silicon button : Prevent breakage, water/dust infusion


  • Description

  • • The ST-500 is a two/three button type long range call button unit that is specifically designed for use in long range applications such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities or large scale retailers.
    • The external antenna ensures a large wireless range
    • Customizable: Each button can be registered independently to display whatever is required such as "call" and "cancel" or "price check" and "change needed" depending on the environment of use
  • Specification

  • Number of buttons 2 or 3
    Dimensions W48 x L99 x H15m
    Net Weight 60g
    Colour White, Orange
    Frequency Range FM 433MHz
    Power Source DC 3V coin battery (CR2025)
    Battery Life 40,000 calls (approx)
    Antenna Type Helical antenna
    Compatibility All Syscall receivers, direct pager (SB-600) and signal booster unit
  • Benefits

  • • Reduces staff down time in large scale working environments - no need to constantly search for staff members
    • Improve Business Efficiency and Staff Communication
    • Improves staffing efficiency
    • Ensures customer satisfaction in large scale retail - no frustration at not being able to find assistance
    • Eradicate missed sales opportunities in large scale retail envirnoments


  • System Guide

    1. Press the call bell when service is needed or for a manager to call a certain staff member
    2. The call button number will be displayed on the receiver
      with or without a ring as per your settings
    3. The direct pager can receive calls directly from the call buttons without any other equipment required
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  • +44 (0)131 629 2660


    0131 629 2660

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