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Customer "Coaster" Pager

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Our new and improved customer "coaster" pager
is now thinner with a sleek mat finish...more

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Doughnut shape : Compact and unique doughnut design


  • Description

  • • Customer "coaster" paging system can be used anywhere you have customers waiting
    • Can be branded to match your venue or to add a promotional message
    • Give the customer pager to the waiting customer, then they can relax and return when the pager buzzes
    • Reduces stress to staff members from anxious waiting customers - no need for crowd management or shouting loudly in noisy environments
    • Allows customers to relax while they are waiting
  • Specification

  • Dimensions W95 x L95 x H17mm
    Net Weight 75g
    Colour Black
    Frequency Range FM 433MHz
    Power Source DC 8V/3A & LIPOLYMER battery (Rechargeable)
    Adapter Input 100-240~, 50/60Hz, 1.1A
    Antenna Type Helical antenna
    Compatibility Multi transmitter (GP-1000T)
  • Features

  • · LED caller ID display
    · Durable design
    · Able to set group and channel number in order to avoid interference
    · Sleek design
    · Rechargeable battery
  • Benefits

  • · Minimize crowds hovering in a waiting area
    · Reduce staff stress & cultivate a relaxed environment
    · Notify customers faster
    · Reduce staff time in "finding" customers and so reduce staff cost
    · Improve work efficiency


  • System map

    1. Give to customer whenever they are waiting in a queue or for their order
    2. Notify the customer by calling the customer pager
    3. Take the customer pager from the happy customer and give the customer the order - no hassle, no stress
  • GP100R system map


  • +44 (0)131 629 2660


    0131 629 2660

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