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   NTTWORKS Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of wireless on-site messaging systems in South Korea which has been operating internationally since 1996. NTTWORKS has been focused on developing the most complete and reliable wireless calling systems since we were established. Also the most comprehensive product line is designed to provide wireless on-site messaging solutions to a variety business industries such as restaurant wireless calling systems, customer paging systems, retail call button systems, staff paging systems and medical paging systems – just name a few. Through innovative, reliable products & services, talented people, and by insisting on a responsible approach to business and global citizenship, and in close collaboration with our partners and customers, NTTWORKS aims to become the global leader in wireless on-site messaging solutions.


  • Customer-intimate

    Customer Focused

    Based on our philosophy of
    "customer first", we constantly develop and provide innovative and high quality products and services that satisfy a variety of customer demands

  • People-oriented

    People Oriented

    We respect and encourage personal growth for our employees under our belief that the success of our business is led by nurturing each individual's character and ability

  • Transparent Partnership

    Transparent Partnership

    We respect our distributors and other business partners, and work with them through long-term relationships to archieve mutual growth based on trust

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    0131 629 2660